There’s a special understanding, nothing written, nothing said,
a mutual respect that links our lives
through our cultures and our heritage, our unique and twinning bond
a warm and very cordial friendship thrives.

Past the barriers of language we communicate with ease 
all of us extending open hands,
inviting each and everyone to the cities where we dwell,
glimpses of our lives in different lands.

We transcend the world of politics in accepting that we differ
our history is something we can’t change,
so we leave the past behind us plan our future with the youth,
learn from one and other when we exchange.

As we honour well loved countries, those traditions in our hearts,
the friendships which each of us holds dear,
we delight in sharing “twinning” tales as we share a cup of British tea,
and now we celebrate a special year.

So “Wilkommen” Kleve, Germany, “Witamy” Tarnowo Podgorne,
“Bienvenue” Vernon et le Vesinet,
“Sveiki atvke” Ukmerge, I believe you say it twice
“Hi there, how you doing Worcester, USA”.

“Bienvenidos” to absent Spanish friends
in Villaneuva de la Canada,
we pass on warmest greetings from our lands,
so let us raise our glasses, our silver anniversary

And the symbol of our friendship - shaking hands.

© Maggie Doyle
Worcestershire Poet Laureate 2012-2013